Page 12 - November Edition
P. 12

To start with, let’s take a hypothetical scenario

   where you meet a stranger through some app or a

   mutual friend of yours. Now, you would start easing

   off things with texts, you tend to forget replying,

   you lose the interest to text, you don’t find the

   person interesting anymore, and he/she becomes a

   lost contact in your list. Was all of this worth it?

   Trying to render and understand people over a few

   texts. You tend to understand the person, the

   person texts you and narrates all of his life events

   in several hundred paragraphs and lines, just to be

   cornered in the near future?

                                                          Something that humans as social

                                                  animals don’t quite understand is the

                                                advent of technology and its use-case.

                                                   We become shyer and self-centric as

                                                                 we observe advancements in

                                                     technology which can be concluded

                                                    with “Texting”. A  person is better off

                                              with a mask than without it, as they say.
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