Page 13 - November Edition
P. 13

 W            H        Y           N         O       T           A            C        A         L       L       ?

 The question that’s rarely given a

 thought as we tend to love keeping

 ourselves busy over those little texts

 that give us an adrenaline rush.

 Awaiting a reply and watching someone

 type is something that is portrayed as

 equivalent to a roller coaster ride in the

 present generation, we barely give

 voice calls a thought. People

 pretending and over-thinking things

 and taking them to the next level while

 absorbing an  ndividual’s personality

 over texts tend to be the most

 common mistake done by pioneers

        M         I   S        C       O        N        C        E       P       T        I   O        N

                                                  Two-way communication with limited

                                                           vocabulary/understanding is as

                                               angerous as an employee at a nuclear

                                                 plant with no prior knowledge of how

                                               the reactor works. And that comes out

                                                to be the truth in most of the cases in

                                                                                            this emoji era.
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