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What was your

       First Performance


       I was little. I think I was only seven or so. I
       was in a play version of “The Jungle

       Book.” I played the wolf-mom of Mowgli
       as well as Mowgli’s little girlfriend at the

       end. It was fun. I was really shy in person
       back then but I was very comfortable on
       stage even at that young age

       What advice

       would you have

       for the kids that

       don’t really have

       the support from


       Children need support from adults and
       their peers. Sadly that doesn’t always

       happen. I would hope for these children
       that they continue to seek support from

       others and also find the strength to
       believe in themselves. Inside is where our

       true power comes from

       What similarities

       do you have with

       your character in

       The Flash?

       I am clusmy like her.
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