Page 6 - November Edition
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How do you

                                                                          prepare for a


                                                                          That always depends. Some roles are
                                                                          closer to myself than others.

                                                                          Generally, I already try to visualize a
                                                                          character when I first read the script

                                                                          and then I try to figure out what
                                                                          makes this particular character

                                                                          interesting, e.g. how does he walk
                                                                          and talk, what is his speech pattern.


                                                                          character did

                                                                          you like to play

                                                                          the most?

                                                                          Ha ! Always the one I´m working on

                                                                          at the moment. But if I had to chose, I
                                                                          ´d say that Jaqen H’Ghar in GoT was

                                                                          definitely one of my favorites,
                                                                          because he was such a weird and

                                                                          cool character and the scripts were
                                                                          incredibly well written. Als

                                                                          o, the whole face
                                                                           changing business

                                                                           was quite intriguing.
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