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                                                                SEASON 4

                                                                It´s very exciting and I´m extremely
                                                                grateful for the opportunity. It’s kind of a
                                                                dream to be able to play in shows that
                                                                you´ve been a fan of yourself. And it’s not
                                                                a spoiler when I say that the season
                                                                ahead will be amazing!


                         Jaqen Hagh’r in Game of Thrones
                Walking those perfectly built sets propelled
                          me into another world instantly.

                        Sebastien Berger in Crossing Lines
                         Struggling with all the tech speak.
                Personally I´m a complete disaster when it
                  comes to computers and everything that
                                              goes with it.

                                    Albrecht in Resistance
                    Playing opposite the incredible Andrea
                Riseborough. It was one of my first films in
                 the UK and a great experience. We filmed
               with a relatively small team in a completely
                           secluded valley in Wales amidst
                                 breathtaking landscapes.

                                Max Schenkel in Jack Ryan
                  Definitely the action bits. I´d never done
                      that before and I loved chasing John
                       Krasinski and being chased by him.
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